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We’re launching with three pilot events in May, June and July to lay the foundations for a community that we’ll start building from September.  These are about finding out what people want to get from the evenings and the community as a whole.

Our next event is all about growth...

  • Is business growth always healthy?

  • How do you grow as you build your business? 

  • Which bits grow, and which bits don’t? 

  • Where are the trade-offs?

Growth: can you grow your business without shrinking yourself? 

July 18th 19:00 - 21:00 (arrive from 18:30)
The Lamb, 94 Lamb's Conduit St, London WC1N 3LZ

Limited to thirty people.  Click here to book your place.

Previous Events


The Two Journeys: Business & Founder


Here's what people had to say after the event:

"unlike any other founder event"

"conversations I'd never had before"

"These conversations are a stark reminder that entrepreneurship is not a solo expedition. It's a shared journey of discovery, resilience, and transformation."

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