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When you build a business you are embarking on two journeys. The first to build a company and the second to the edge of what you are capable of.  Most entrepreneurs are unaware of the second one until they hit it.  Founder Wisdom will keep you ahead of the demands of running your business so it never runs you.  


A monthly live event in London with a talk, Q&A and a social meet up.  A community of founders who have walked in your shoes.  Founder Wisdom is for entrepreneurs at all stages.  From optimistic pre-launchers to cynical old hands.


Somewhere to have honest conversation, share insights and make proper connections.

Hosted by Dan Kieran and Andrew Wainstein.  Two entrepreneurs who have been through the business lifecycle and have the scars and knowing smiles to prove it. 

We're building this together, so click here if you'd like to become part of it.

What is Founder Wisdom?

A monthly event where founders get together for a conversation set around a topic that gets to the heart of what it takes to run a business.  Andrew and Dan introduce the topic, linking it with their own experience and then open things up for Q&A and a discussion.   We finish with drinks for anyone who wants to stay and chat.

We’re building a community with events, workshops and groups to equip you for your journey.

Here's what people are saying about it:

"unlike any other founder event"

"conversations I'd never had before"

"These conversations are a stark reminder that entrepreneurship is not a solo expedition.  It's a shared journey of discovery, resilience, and transformation."

Who is Founder Wisdom for?

Anyone building a business - at any point of their journey and in any size of company.  


What will I get out of it?

  • Insights from Andrew and Dan, over 50 years combined experience at the helm

  • A chance to share ideas, experiences and resources with 20+ fellow business leaders

  • Space to get perspective and clarity away from the day-to-day noise

  • A chance to meet new people and make new connections


What makes this different from other networking events or workshops?

  • The quality of the topics; a mix meaningful insights for your personal journey and practical tools for the business one

  • The quality of participants; founders from a diverse and rich mix of businesses

  • An atmosphere that encourages you to look beyond your normal horizons 

  • Networking with depth and soul; grown-up conversations and proper connections

  • A safe space where you can be honest about how hard it really is to be an entrepreneur


How does it work?

We’re launching with three pilot events in May, June and July to lay the foundations for a community that we’ll start building from September.  

Our next event is all about growth... 

  • Is business growth always healthy?

  • How do you grow as you build your business? 

  • Which bits grow, and which bits don’t? 

  • Where are the trade-offs?

Growth: can you grow your business without shrinking yourself?

July 18th 19:00-21:00 (arrive from 18:30)
The Lamb, 94 Lamb's Conduit St, London WC1N 3LZ

Limited to thirty people.  Click here to book your place.


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